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About Emzac

With motive to emerge as one of the leading Event Management Company in Pune, Emzac wishes to stand out. We are young, talented and our presence of mind is what we feel is most needed to manage your event with a breakneck speed. Emzac provides Event Management Services in Pune, as well as wherever you wish to celebrate your event. Our Event Management Service process includes Budgeting, Scheduling, Site Selection, Acquiring Necessary Permits, Coordinating Transportation and Parking, Arranging for Speakers and Entertainers, Arranging Decor, Event Security, Catering, Coordinating with Third Party Vendors, Emergency Plans, besides this everything and anything which you wish for Emzac is there with all.

Our goal is to make sure that our clients in addition as participants of the event have overall positive expertise. To do this, our team is professional and polite – we don’t look at building a one-time association with clients, instead, aim at creating long-lasting collaborations that will span years to come. 

Each Event Management Services is totally different in its nature, thus the method of Designing & Implementing every event differs on the basis of the variety of events. Emzac has with success completed major of Wedding Events, Corporate Events, BTL Activities, Family and Social Events, and whatever your occasion must be. We arrange and execute these Event Management Services in Pune and also in any other cities in India.

As a company, we believe in creating experiences for clients, engaging with them at every step of the way – just like an extended arm of their team. Our multidisciplinary team is associate with having skilled in their several fields be it Conceptualization, Inventive Style, Consumer Relations, Production & Operations alike. 

A purpose that bonds every member of the team is from having a desire for experience to making sure that every event service which we provide is a memory which will be kept within the mind of those who were present, for a long period of time once they left the venue. We tend to be one of the most leading Event Management Companies within the market these days and promise to provide the foremost economical Event Management Services in Pune.

Emzac Events has worked with big names. Right from conceptualizing till the execution and wrap up, our team has left no stone unturned to make every single event successful. We also believe that your company’s annual days are important and for that we can do whatever we can to make it a success. We believe in breaking the monotonous trends going in the market and create enticing events for you and your family to cherish for generations to come. 

The satisfaction of seeing happy faces once after executing an honest show is what we tend to thrive on. Passion is what drives us & makes us tick. All we are able to promise you is the most important thing to offer each & every project with everything we’ve got with the same pride for all.

Having worked with many brands on 360-Degree Event Management Brand Solutions & Corporate Event Management Service, this team knows what it takes to deliver a successful event & create it into an experience that will never vanish.

Why Choose Us

Working in an industry that is relatively cluttered means that we’re often asked by our indenting consumers – Why should we choose you? The answer is always the same: Emzac understands all the refinements of event management very well. More importantly, our experience with different events in proving Event Management Services in Pune has equipped us to manage all types of events, no matter if you are getting married or you want to arrange a corporate event, or maybe you just want to organize a small get together, the results will be as unique as it can be. Here are some breaking points which proves us how we are one step ahead from others:


Emzac’s Creativity:

We have the ability to work creatively and meet your expectations. We tend to let concepts flow to offer you an occasion that seems and feels inventive.

Emzac’s Punctuality:

We love punctuality, hate delays & understand the importance of timeliness for an event. We never shy away from putting-up that extra effort to meet deadlines and get things ready on time.

Emzac’s Minimalizing:

We focus on ‘Collecting Moments & Not Things’ to extract the most out of the limited resources provided to us. Making the most of what’s available is something we assure on to ensure a successful event.

Emzac’s Responsibility:

We aspire on completing things done in the best possible way and if something falls short, we feel the responsibility to fill that blank, even if it means starting in a different way.


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