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Do you want to arrange a personal party? Then your search ends here. Emzac will make your party to life with beautiful patterns, colors, lighting effects, impressive backdrops, etc. These things will make your party and guests enjoyable and fulfil all your wishes within your budget.

Moreover, we are specialized in bringing together exclusively themed, trendy events. On the initial stage, we will discuss and understand your needs and arrange the plan based on your budget. We do provide menu planning, venue booking, and live entertainment in the event as well. Our intuitive and interesting ideas, hard work of the team through their creativity will make your event successful.

Whether you are hosting a birthday party in your backyard or a house warming ceremony or maybe a wedding anniversary for your loved ones, or welcoming the new member in your family or it can be your school or college event we will eliminate the stress and make your event is as flawless as you must have dreamt of.

Emzac will plan your event in an affordable manner and make those precious moments in life a memorable one for you and your near and dear ones. Knowledge and experience are what we come with any type of event, which adds a promising value for your event.

To ensure timely and smooth execution of all the different activities in any event you should hire Emzac as our customized services are which make us a little different from others when it comes to managing things from start to end ensuring a lasting experience of your event to you and your guest.

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Birthday Parties:
Nowadays, birthday parties are not limited to celebrating with 10-15 guests at home. The birthday party is more about celebrating the best day of your closed ones and seeing the smile on their face. Enjoy the best time with your loved ones and leave all the hard work on Emzac. Whether it’s the first birthday of your child, 60th birthday of your parent, or a surprise party for your better half, we can plan the whole party planned out up to the last goody bag. As a birthday party planner, our entertainment ideas stand out to be different from others and ensure you to execute your birthday party to a whole new level.

Kitty Parties:
To name a few, amongst the range of kitty parties there are family, theme-based, potluck, movie, picnic, shopping, etc. We take the responsibility for the biggest and the smallest things and do all the hard work to make your event a popular one. Let us add that lighting for a melodramatic effect, colourful balloons and lights for an entertaining and festive environment. Emzac will work with your theme and décor just to build the feel you are looking for.

Private Theme Parties:
Theme parties are full of customized services. From stage décor to food and music, everything has to be in similar terms with the theme. The requirement is different for every client when we speak about theme parties. Emzac’s professional team ensures that every aspect of the party is on point. We will provide the best decorators and themes according to your event. Be it cocktail themed party or a normal celebration or may be a casino night, we can arrange all of this.

Baby Shower:
There is much of happiness and eagerness around the forthcoming arrival of a new baby girl or boy. At Emzac we have faith in celebrating this life changing moment now and remembering it always. We will work with you from your first planning meeting up to the day of the event to apply our expertise to bring your vision at the event. Emzac will make sure to plan everything and delivering the most special day as a stress free celebration for you.

Name Ceremony:
There is simply no substitute of our happiness when we get a chance to introduce our new member in the family. We usually get overwhelmed with the details when it comes to naming ceremony. Emzac understands this emotion and executes the events that are classic and all fun. With our team everyone will have a meaningful and unique experience at your event that will be appreciated and remembered by all your loved ones.

House Warming:
House warming parties are just not celebrations, cultures and traditions play a vital role in such events. Right from the decorations to food everything should give an impact of tradition. These events are also filled with lots of emotions and achievements. By keeping all the aspects in mind, Emzac plans these events in the most explicit way and assures to fulfil your expectations in the best ways. We also provide service packages by keeping the budget constraints and standard quality in mind at the same time.

Anniversary parties are a special event which takes you back on the memorable day of your life. We help to create the great experience as beautiful as it was before. Whether it is your 1st Marriage Anniversary or your loves ones 25th Marriage Anniversary or the Golden Jubilee Celebration, Emzac can arrange all from décor to dinner for you. We will be able to manage every sort of service to contribute in your celebration of the lasting commitment with your near and dear ones love and support.

School, University & College Gatherings:
There is nothing that kids like more that an event at school, college or university filled with a series of fun activities and favourite food. Apart from the event planning and designing the event we also offer services related to media coverage and audio – visual production. From guest lectures, orientations to annual events we can provide you with all the services required for these events. Emzac will handle everything from helping you plan to staff your event and keep your guest talking and eagerly waiting for the next event.

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