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Gone are the eras when a business’s good work was its own reward. In today’s cut-throat situation, sensible work demands a colorful show, widespread appreciation, and an honest deal of shouting from rooftops. We offer our experience in providing intellectual ideas & innovative concepts. Emzac tends to facilitate, arrange, conceptualize, and develop a platform through that you’ll be able to generate awareness regarding your business venture. In short, In our Promotional Event Management Services, we make sure that your brand reaches the eyes and ears of the general public.

Why hire Emzac for your promotional event management? Promotions and experiences are the areas where the method of conveying these intangible qualities in an exceptional way within which your audience will simply perceive and associate and to stay the complete integrity and product feel and magnificence. We are in a position to recreate emotional decisions to action among your audience through the creation of a novel promotional event management expertise, or performance.

From a themed event that excites and builds a connection to receive post-event pull in messages and a decision to action, we tend to produce multi-layered experiences that last for an extended amount of your time through Promotional Event setup and arrangements. Every event is exclusively designed with the right mix of significance and amusement to create it a memorable moment. Impactful launches employing a wealthy mixture of technology, interactivity, and amusement needed for a healthy mix of Product and Core TG connection for the event’s audience.

Our space of specialization in Promotional Event Management is mall engagement activities, themed based workshops, Openings & Inaugurations, Product Launch, Openings & Inaugurations, Brand Activations, themed based workshops, Exhibitions & Pavilions,  Retail Activities, Cultural & Gala Events, Carnivals, Road Shows, Fashion Shows, Social Events, Media Designing, brand-development, selling and communication ways, and marketing, to finish inventive execution, Banner advertising, or any the other event, be it giant or tiny, we will offer the answer with price-effective solutions.

We have a tendency to get specific in result headed, unique, unforgettable ATL & BTL selling activities dedicated to targeted teams of consumers. Celebrities that hit the correct chord with the audience whereas enhancing the live expertise is what we make possible and more to make it unforgettable through Promotional Event Management Services.

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Openings & Inaugurations:
As the saying goes, First Impression is the Last Impression. The opening or an inauguration of a new entity embarks the start of fresh times ahead. For anyone to create a mark during this world of competition the proper initial impression is what we have a tendency to bring out. No matter be the artistic challenge, huge or little supply demands, advanced arrangements; you’ll be able to be assured that Emzac can arrange and deliver for your new starting utterly.

We have leading experience in saving labour cost, minimizing human error, improving work ethics and cultural fit for you and your organization. For a fruitful event it is very important that you should have a team of inspired, responsive, passionate and well-trained volunteers. Emzac have Manpower of all the categories such as Models, Hostesses, Supervisors, Managers, Volunteers, and Promoters etc.

Fashion Shows:
Fashion event designing is commonly seen as awfully exciting and innovative. In reality there are many aspects of it that involve plenty of attentiveness and pressure behind the scenes that’s typically unrecognised. Here we are talking regarding the idea of Models, Stage, and Host any service associated with Fashion Shows. Themed fashion shows are specifically opted by mostly all of them. Emzac assigns specific items and tasks to the team members appropriate to complete them professionally, with deadlines and progress reports.

Product Launch:
With the launch and creating an image in the market for any organization, we are here to provide all the tools to organize a right platform to highlight your product. Product launches are usually designed for the purpose of awareness, through brand recognition by consumers, sales increases, reaching influences and more. From innovative showcasing to creative launching, we work closely to give the brand and the event the right behaviour and appeal. Emzac’s product launch ideas will truly support your sales and marketing efforts. You can be assured in the creative design and expertise of our team to wisely plan and execute your event to produce outstanding, measurable results.

How do you prepare for a workshop that will not only be related and useful, but a memorable one also? However, if it is planned well, it can be extremely valuable for everyone involved. This is where Emzac is known for, advance planning, right location, agenda, getting people involved. Workshops are majorly conducted for brainstorming, collaborative understanding, building relations, and problem-solving. We can manage all this for you at a minimal cost and effective results.

Brand Activations:
Our Promotional Event Management Service also includes Brand activation which refers to a promotion, occasion, or communication through which your brand generates responsiveness and builds long-term connection with your target audience. Most brand activations are communicating, allowing audiences to engross directly with a brand and its products. Understanding your requirement, keeping in mind the cultural aspects and ensuring an engaging spark of expressive interaction is our key. Emzac provides a package of combining traditional and digital branding which is a smart way of engaging with the user.

Print Media:
The image that you present to your prospective customers is the key to your brands success. The idea always is to reach out to the audience in every way that one can remember and create a higher brand recall and connect. Emzac’s way of reaching to your customers is through direct mail campaigns, e-mailers, consistent and communicative newsletters, brochures, events and exhibitions. Conceptualised innovative packaging and specialised graphics adds to your brand identity which maximises your sales and market value. Our offerings also include outdoor billboards, posters on buses, subways, trains, ads in phone books or directories, newspapers & magazines.

Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing is a central point for all online marketing efforts. Whether it is a B2C product or a B2B service, everything can be marketed digitally. With a positioned audience, businesses gets influenced by digital channels such as Google search, social media marketing, email marketing, and their web properties to connect with current and prospective customers. It is all about connecting with the audiences at the right place and the right time. Emzac specializes in creating effective digital strategy followed by result driven online marketing via SEO, SEM, SMO and organic digital engagements across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google PPC and You Tube.

Exhibitions & Pavilions:
Emzac provides a single-source solution for all your exhibition needs. From stand design to advertising collateral and overall management, we have got everything lined. From creating stall designs, to construction of high quality custom pavilions and managing them with pre-trained manpower, we have it all. Participating in exhibitions and trade fairs offers you multiple avenues for product visibility and brand promotion. We understand how important it is for you when it comes to planning, visualizing, designing and executing your pavilion or exhibition stall for your brand during these trade fairs. Each proposed booth design and fabrication make sure maximum utilisation of space and material and is presented to you as a well-planned layout; complete with floor plan and material details.

Cultural & Gala Events:
Emzac as a team takes care from small Cultural planning to big and large scale and satisfies your expectations. We handle all types of Cultural events such as birthday parties, festivals, theme based parties, business Cultural events, everything and anything you wants us to manage. Any event must be creative enough to engage and mesmerize audiences as well must be functional enough to serve its purpose. Personalized themes, ideas, ambience, decor, audio/visual and entertainment services anything you think of for your event can be created, produced and executed right there provided with your range of cost.

Social Events:
Whether it’s a big event like a theme based party or a small one like a half day celebration, it is a part of our lives. Putting together a decent event also requires a lot of creativity and an ability to plan, organize, and coordinate. Social events includes party event, exhibition event, themed graduation, farewell parties, seasonal festivities, family reunion, day events, personal milestones, vow renewals, holiday parties, seasonal events. Your main objective while planning to throw an event is to celebrate your special time and achievement with your family and friends and Emzac’s goal is to execute those aspects of your event. You can rely on our team to plan and accomplish your event flawlessly while still using your budget as a guideline.

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